Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx GPS Review

4.82 out of 5
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May 11, 2014
Pros: Good signal, mapping and fits great on a bike.

Cons: Does not have biking features on it.

Recommendation: Been using this for years, GPS is great but Garmin maps stink. Tracks never show correct on Garmin maps but if put into another mapping software it's perfect.

April 21, 2011
Pros: Easy to use, well thought out screens and rugged. I also bought the handlebar mount that allows me to hook it right on during a ride so I can easily check it during a ride without hands. I frequently download the GPS files for new trails from Singletracks and off we go. The track-back feature is handy if you ever get lost or want to ride "renegade" and still make it home.

Cons: It may be a bit larger than some of the newer ones, but its flexibility in so many different situations makes up for it.

Recommendation: Highly recommend it! And, the Garmin warranty is THE BEST if you ever break it!

March 10, 2011
Pros: Easy to navigate screens. Very versatile. Water resistant. Very rugged. Many mounting options.

Cons: Center arrow selector lags some times on list screens.

Recommendation: I would definitely recommend this product. It is good for on the trail and is capable of road mapping. It can collect you data for speed, average speed, elevation changes, and distance.

April 6, 2010
Pros: easy 2 use and durable

Cons: screen can be difficult to read

Recommendation: overal pretty good for price. bought it from a friend so some additional software came with it (pricey if I bought it on my own) multi-functional

April 5, 2009
Pros: Easy use! Conforable reading and very precise!

Cons: By night time or in bright light, screen is not clear enough. It would be good if contrast could be adjustable

Recommendation: Great for beginner, built-in options covers all your needs.

August 20, 2008
Pros: Reliable, Rugged, Excellent Signal Lock, Multipurpose, Good Battery Life

Cons: Screen sometimes difficult to see in bright light; you can load street or topo map, but only one visible at a time

Recommendation: I originally got this for Geocaching and have found it invaluable for use in my car and as a training aid for bicycling. You can load your choice of mapping for Street, Topo or waterways to match whatever sport you do. For bicycling, it will not only show you where you are, it will replace the old style cycle computers for tracking spped, distance and elevation gain. The handlebar mount looks wimpy, but I have yet to have the unit drop off accidently while riding. The buttons can be accessed while riding allowing you to cycle through the functions, but it does take practice. Caution: the basemap that is built into the unit is SPARSE. You WILL need to purchase additional maps to really use this beast. While pricey, I've found it to be a good value and absolutely TOP QUALITY. There's a reason Garmin is Number One!

August 1, 2007
Pros: More buttons for one touch access Easy Map Navigation Color Geo Cache Mode/Games The Altimeter Page rocks (I love seeing a climb profile) Really Strong Antenna Long Battery life Stop one track and start another

Cons: I wish the glass face was bullet proof. I wreck a lot. ($60 to fix)

Recommendation: If you have the money, buy this. It's very cool. It has so many features.

April 16, 2007
Pros: Tons of features! Bright color screen with great resolution. Excellent satellite signal reception under foliage canopy - I've even had it track indoors! The Altitude screen is really helpful in seeing a real-time elevation profile and also determining total ascent. Expandable "mini-SD" card compatible...I have a 512MB card in mine and have about over 500 square miles of MapSource and Topo maps stored. With turn-by-turn and topo maps stored, I can clip it into my car mount to find a trail - then take it out of the car, switch to "topo" and clip it to my bike handlebar. As was mentioned, the bike mounting is durable(I've never had it pop off on a really bumpy section and nothing has broken - knock on wood). The case is waterproof and can take a hit. It is about the size of a cordless home phone, I put mine right next to the stem and I barely notice it. You can see the results in all of the maps I have uploaded to! It is easy to upload/download maps, routes, and waypoints with your PC - very short and simple process.

Cons: The extra software(MapSource Topo & City Select) are expensive! The Topo maps are not as detailed as I would've liked - too few elevation contour lines. When you have City Select and Topo software overlapping for the same location, you have to "turn off" the City Select overlay to see the Topo maps...if you have alot of maps stored this can take up to 5min. I'd like to be able to use other non-Garnmin topo software or even be able to download satellite photos as with the Bushnell GPS NavSystem. The antenna "likes" to be pointed straight up to get the best reception, if you put on a handlebar mount - it lays more flat and can cause reception issues, but I haven't seen significant error with the CSx. Distance measurements come up about 10% short on average, but I think this is an inherent issue with the way all GPS units track distance in "legs".

Recommendation: Great all around outdoors GPS which has really come in handy for all kinds of situations which I never even contemplated before I had it! I also have a 60CS, and I've noticed with the new "x" SirF chip technology, the CSx is probably the best GPS on the market for keeping a signal lock in conditions where mountain bikers need it...under canopy and in canyons. You can find a 60CSx for well under $400, but remember, to get full bang for your will have to shell out some $$$ for the extra map software. I'd start by buying the 60CSx and the Automotive Navigation Kit, then go from there for what you need it to do.

April 12, 2007
Pros: the antena is awsome!! the controls are easy, map downloads are a snap and the screen is huge. for the price of this unit its a great buy. 3he bracket for handle bar mounting is strong ( I'm a hard rider and I haven't had any problems, god forbid I crash, the unit says in place. now its a bigger unit then the edge 305 but the difference mainly is that with this unit you can load topo maps and street maps to use anywhere..The 305 is basicly a gps recorder/ gps enabled bike computer, & not a plotter like mapping devices. Although you can load maps from other riders and race their times over all the GPSMap 60csx is a number 1 top pick in my book

Cons: if your looking for somthing small to fit on your handle bar, its not to sleek for such applications. imagin an older Nextel phone straped to your handle bar. with light set ups it may be cramped a bit, but I've found space. also much all gps street maping calculating cou be a bit delayed if your in a detailed area and the route that it gives you may not be the "fastest" or "shortest" although rest asured it will find your destination with in meters....

Recommendation: Great buy for a multi-sport, multi-acivity adventurest, a little bulky, but this is for the gps antena. ( awsome) this antena find your posistion fast!!! At prime moments within feet.. GREAT BUY!!!

April 12, 2007
Pros: Less buttons, More functionality, Good easy to understand GUI and menu icons.

Cons: Screen is set out slightly pass the edges of the body of the unit, so it could easily be scratched. It wouls serve you well to buy a case for it.

Recommendation: Even though there are just so many things you can do to improve upon the techno gadgets we all use today, this portable handheld GPS has all the best features without all the stuff you don't need. It is light weight, tough, water repellant, easy to use and see in day or night. I like the ability to use a memory stick rather than the internal since most map software could potentially take up a lot of room. 64mb is simply not enough for a long trip. I bought a 2gig card that is more than enough room. I can also transfer files to the card and create a folder to keep travel documents. This is a little pricey for a hand held unit but if you invest in one, you'll be happy you did!