Garmin Edge 500 GPS Review

4.50 out of 5
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Q: On what screen does the Garmin edge 500 display latitude and longitude coordinates. -Guest

A: You have to go under Settings, GPS, Set Elevation. I hope this helps.

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December 31, 2014
Model/Year: Garmin Factory Refurbished

Pros: Light weight, water resistant, versatile, accurate, easy setup, works great with accessories

Cons: None

Recommendation: I have this paired with the cadence/speed sensor and it has been the best cycle computer I have owned. The speed sensor will automatically calibrate so you don't have to put in any measurements if you don't want. It keeps an odometer on each bike you program. The break crumb map helps me stay on track in the woods. I use this computer on my mountain and street bike. It works well on both. I hear people saying it is inaccurate/looses signal in the woods. I have not experienced that problem yet and I have done over 176 miles in the woods with no problems. I would highly recommend this product to any person that rides road or mountain bikes. I ordered this product refurbished from Garmin for half the price of a new one with the same 1 year warranty.

December 19, 2014
Model/Year: Garmin Edge 500

Pros: Ease of Use
Software (connect)

Cons: None

Recommendation: With any electronic item, there are a number of options that you have to decide what's important to you and if you want them. More options...more money. This unit is great for those that simply want to track their rides and have a database to track rides and improvements. This does it very well at a great price...especially since the 510 has been released and these are heavily discounted. If you want a color screen or the added plus of the Russian satellites, then the 510 is your GPS. If you're fine without color ( I am ) and without the additional satellites, then save your money and grab these while you can.

February 21, 2014
Model/Year: 2011

Pros: ease of use and setup
communicates with power meter well and all other ant stuff
easy to read on the trail and gives you just the info you need and not all the junk

Recommendation: highly recommend it for mtb, road and trainer

December 18, 2013
Model/Year: 2012 Premium Bundle

Pros: ANT . Battery life is great. Easy to use. Lots of data collection

Cons: Mount could be improved.

Recommendation: The garmin is a great training device for any level of cyclist. When combined with the ANT accessories it's an awesome data collection machine. Its very small so doesn't get in the way and mounts on your stem for a clean look.

September 29, 2012
Model/Year: Garmin Edge 500 2012

Pros: Easy setup. Highly customizable display and options. optional heart rate and power meters, Very accurate dependable, easy to read. Small. easily attachable to the bike.

Cons: Does not have a map display for navigation, but that wasn't the point of this particular model. Not real cheap.

Recommendation: Highly recommended. If your not using the gps for actual navigation finding, this is absolutely the one you want.

July 24, 2012
Model/Year: 2012

Pros: Setup is a no-brainer. All my workout data is available on my pc, the Garmin site, my smart phone or all three. Love the customizable screens. My eyes are going so I can make the numbers I need to see during the ride very large and the lesser info smaller.

Cons: No wi-fi so you need to use a cable to upload the data. It does lose a little of the distance in the woods. I think it's because it can't track all the subtle ups, downs, lefts and rights that happen in the woods.

Recommendation: Get it, use it but keep in mind that it's going the more tight and twisty the trails you ride the more distance loss there will be.

June 8, 2012
Pros: works great on the road. Clock and timer work well.

Cons: Doesn't work in the forest. Always about 20% off the distance. can't figure out how (if even possible) to display HR as opposed to calories. When downloading to the web doesn't auto delete so over time, gets super slow

Recommendation: Old fashion mounted one that counts wheel turns and a HR rate watch.

August 6, 2011
Model/Year: 2010 edge 500

Pros: everything! easy to mount,tough,good battery life

Recommendation: I love this GPS it works well elevation is always very close,tough and I ride 6 days a week with it!

May 1, 2011
Pros: Great size and easy to read display. Customizable display (3 screens to play with) to pair the information you want on the fly. Quick satellite uplink and maintained signal well. Solid and easy mount means easy transfer between bikes. Great add-ons (cadence, power, HR).

Cons: none

Recommendation: This is an amazing unit. Got the bike package (with HR and cadence) and the data this thing turns out is just sweet! Syncs real easy with the cadence and HR monitor. A super bike computer with the addition of mapping out your ride. No map display - but not necessary when riding in the woods, Garmin has other models with that feature if that is what you are after. If you are looking to step up your riding this may be the gadget to help you fine tune things to get you there.

February 21, 2010
Pros: Very fast Sat link up and capture with "hot fix". Easily swapped between bikes and will capture Powertap/SRM watts plus cadence/speed.
A plethora of information available depending on how you format the screens. Mount is sturdier than prior formats.

Cons: .fit files aren't compatible with other training software and you must convert within Training Center to .tcx first. I wish there was a sturdy GSC-10 cadence/speed sensor for MTBing. was swallowed up by Garmin Connect and there is no longer data point correction and accurate altitudes (ascent-descent) being generated.

Recommendation: If you know where you're need for the map aspects of the 705/605. This unit I swap between a Felt DA TT rig with Powertap carbon wheels and my SC Blur LT. You can dump the data into Training Center easily and then deal with converting files from .fit to .tcx so you can upload to Poweragent, WKO+ or Physfarm training software.
You can almost be overwhelmed by the data being collected.
If you eventually go for MTB Powertap hubs/wheels...this comp is the one to have.