Garmin Edge 305 GPS Review

4.67 out of 5
By Jeff Barber    on Mar 28, 2007

By Jeff Barber    on Oct 3, 2007

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March 27, 2011
Pros: Easy to use right out of the box. Completely adjustable on two different screens. You get to see the data you want to see.

Cons: Training software is not so easy. Some tight turns on mountain trails don't get accurately recorded so total distance is not always accurate.

Recommendation: I love to download the trips to my Activities database on line. The ability to overlay the route onto Google maps lets you analyse future routes. Stout device, small enough not to encumber, large enough for an old man to see the screen and easy to use. Love it.

December 1, 2010
Pros: light weight and easy to use. I have multiple bikes set up to just clip it on and go. It has heart rate monitor and cadence monitoring. I really like being able to upload rides into

Cons: must face towards the sky, so it has to be mounted. It will stop detecting if you slow down to less than 5mph, which can happen on steep climbs. It is limited by weather and thick coverage if you are in a lot of trees

Recommendation: overall great GPS with some limitations.

May 23, 2009
Pros: Easy to use. Easy to read. Good reception. Plentiful data. Price is now much lower.

Cons: Battery Life. Calorie reader is VERY inaccurate.

Recommendation: First off, I've noticed that they advertise the battery to last 12 hours, I haven't gotten more than 8 hours yet. However, if you can get past that, then you have a pretty dang good GPS unit. This is my first but I've used quite a few. It's also a good deal now, I was given this as a gift, and was told that it was 51% off the $350. Being a little old now, of course it's going to be cheaper! It weighs in at only 88grams for those who care.

May 19, 2007
Pros: Very easy to use. Web-based tech has great reporting capabilities. You really NEED to use the accompanying web-based software (Motion Based) which is free for the standard application, alowing you to see your last 10 rides in gory detail. For more than 10 rides, buy the upgrade (about $90/year.) I now use it for mtb and road (base-miles) rides, and have started using it for hiking as well. Everything you want to know for training - elevation, HR, calories, mileage of course, zones - plus a dot-player map function that lets you virtually observe the ride in varying background formats - street, topo, photo, contour maps. You can show up to 16 screens on the device while riding (but who has time to read them?) Excellent sat. reception so far.

Cons: Price. One of the priciest gadgets out there, but oh so cool! Also the screen can be a bit hard to read in merciless (read: Phoenix, AZ) light. NOTE: I do NOT use cadence on the mtb (what's the point,r eally, speed is good enough) but have been happy with it on the roadie, no problems there so far as noted by one user below. Maybe not installed right, it is tricky to get a good read!

Recommendation: If you can afford it and are training for something, or just like the idea of seeing where you've been, it's a great gadget.

May 18, 2007
Pros: Size, accuracy, and access to training information (that I still have to start using). Works well with other applications including Mapsource, Topofusion, and Sporttracks.

Cons: Training Center Software sux! Cannot import GPX files, edit tracks, or anything.

Recommendation: It's the perfect size for mounting on the stem and the reception is phenomenal. Lots of capabilities that I have yet to tap into but like all Garmin products, easy enough to use right out of the box!

April 30, 2007
Pros: Great training tool and for an old man it is nice to see how high the heart rate was during the ride.

Cons: Speed / cadence does want to stay on bike during a hard ride. Garmin can get shut off during the same. Several software problems in the 6 months I have owned it.

Recommendation: I use it for both road and off road rides and it is a great gadget, motionbased software is fun to watch after the ride. Wish the speed / cadence device would stay on as gps signal in woods is not always reliable.

April 16, 2007
Pros: Love how it automatically records calorie burn, elevation, maps the course, etc..etc.. Easy to use & transfer information. Website of Garmin is always up to date.

Cons: The training CD included is very basic, and was not fully available for MAC computer users. The training CD included was a bit difficult to figure out.

Recommendation: I would buy the Edge 205 if you are not concerned with training in your heart rate zones. We dont really even use the cadence for our mountain bikes, but for road bikes I think it would be beneficial.

April 12, 2007
Pros: This has been one of the best training tools I have used. You can race against yourself. If there is noone else around to push you.

Cons: Nothing

Recommendation: I Would recommend this to anyone who rides offroad. It is great to be able to send your rides to your friends, no matter where they live

March 26, 2007
Pros: Easy to configure and use; rich data collection; great GPS signal reception; nice elevation profile display

Cons: Expensive. Many features are more geared toward road cyclists (cadence, etc.)

Recommendation: This is probably one of the most complete GPS solutions you can get for your mountain bike. It has all the advantages of the Edge 205 PLUS it shows you an elevation profile while you ride. The cadence monitor is virtually useless for mountain bikers and even the heart rate monitor is only marginally helpful (more helpful for training than recreational riding & mapping). Buy this if you have the money to spend, otherwise invest in a Garmin Edge 205.