Weselbike AM120 Mountain Bike Review

5.00 out of 5
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on Apr 11, 2020
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June 9, 2009
Pros: I am with SouthernRebel on this one....A friend of mine bought this off eBay and it is an awesome MTB. Takes a lot of abuse including 10' to drops with ease.

Cons: None that I have heard

Recommendation: If you want a "do all" MTB, this is the one for you.

January 26, 2009
Pros: Sweet Bike, my buddy has one and it can go anywhere and so anything with it. A blast to ride. Fast downhills and does well uphill.

Cons: Nothing that I can see.

January 21, 2009
Pros: Go anywhere with this one. Very quick to steer. Great components. All-mountain bike that doesn't have the weight of a downhill bike but enough weight to keep you stable. Good climber and nice to ride and look at!

Cons: The price tag is over $2,000, depending on the Euro Rate.