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January 22, 2010
Pros: I just a FS that can take me anywhere. Good handling. My weight is 220 Pound and at this time four years since i bought it. No problems.

Cons: Is a little heavy but come on, I am 220 pounds.

Recommendation: Is a pitty that it's no longer in production

April 28, 2009
Pros: Strong. Good handling. it really can take a beating.

Cons: Heavy.

Recommendation: I love that this bike is sturdy and strong, I weigh about 250 and this bike has handled me without problems for 4 years. I am not picky about components, I replace stuff when it breaks. But have not had to replace anything but tubes and tires so far.

March 14, 2009
Pros: Its Trek. Good entry level FS bike.

Cons: have heard about the drivetrain problems (none myself). could have a better componets group

Recommendation: Bought the bike as a first FS to complement my Fisher Tassajara. Enjoy riding the bike and if you can find one for sale (model is discont.) you should look into it...

January 3, 2009
Pros: This is my 4th bike,. I liked the frame, when I got it i switched out the front fork to the tora 318 and the rear to rock shox mc3.3, changed out a bunch of other things too , i use it for downhill, kills the climbs, and is an awesome bike for the price,

Cons: cheap components , but for a first bike and someone who has never ridden off road, its perfect, would change out the tires immediately

Recommendation: while the shocks and tires held for the first ride I would suggest selling the front fork and rear shock and upgrading this gives the bike a whole new perspective on performance, like night and day

December 25, 2007
Pros: The overall feel of the ride, not much suspension bob at all from the Rock Shox Bar rear shock when pedaling hard, the paint job, good mid-line components, perfect for beating on and not worrying about how you're going to pay to replace them.

Cons: Everyone and their mother has snapped the rear chainstay, but Trek was especially good at warranting and replacement. The Rock Shox Bar has limited travel and if dropping anything hard or higher than a foot or two will bottom out the shock, resulting in a nasty clunk and ding from when the rocker link hits the seat tube. The rear shock is making some leaky noises now after two seasons of riding, which probably should be expected.

Recommendation: This is my first full suspension mtb and I love it. I'd recommend it to anyone who rides everything but serious downhill, which is probably why this is more of a cross country bike instead of a downhill, durr.

December 12, 2007
Pros: Made in the USA and price.

Cons: Drivetrain.

Recommendation: Not a bad bike for first time buyers.

Trek Fuel 70 4.50 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.