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Titus LocoMoto

June 9, 2016
Model/Year: 2001

Pros: Very capable FS bike; custom-spec'ed and assembled by me. Titus sent me the frame and rear shock; sticker price reflects that.

Extremely nimble, climbs very well, descends like a champ. 26" wheels, as per the times.

Cons: I can't honestly think of a single one. A single drawback is that it can't fit a tire wider than 2.1 in back; not a big deal for me.

Recommendation: If you can find one, consider getting it. They're rare, and even more rare is the XS frame (essentially, a 14" FS frame).

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November 8, 2009
Pros: Superb suspension performance.
Neutral geometry.

Cons: None worth noting.

Recommendation: I rented a moto-lite during a week in Sedona. Since I was flying, I couldn't travel with my beloved Yeti 575. I was pleasantly surprised. I instantly felt at home on the Moto Lite and it performed brilliantly on a wide variety of terrain. I did notice a little extra weight vice my 575, but not enough to be a distraction. I was skeptical when the shop told me how good this bike was, but after riding it, I have to agree it lives up to all the hype the Titus nuts put out.

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August 14, 2008
Pros: flies like it was on wings and it was 2500 bucks for a XT level bike!!

Cons: A tad bit heave to some 5" bikes.

Recommendation: Just bought the ML-1 (Moto-Lite) from Colorado Cyclist. Came equipped with XT, Fox and DT wheels. Couldn't believe the price paid. Super fun to ride - love the handling and once I got the suspension tuned for my weight it literally floats over the rough stuff.

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July 20, 2007
Recommendation: Oops, here is my rating.

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July 20, 2007
Cons: Handling.

Recommendation: I bought this bike to accomodate my evolving style of riding: bigger hits, more airtime, larger obstacles. In that way it has eaten up what I have thrown at it. I don't huck my bike, no serious free-riding, but the bike does just fine off jumps of several feet high and steep decents. It is hard though dealing with the slightly more sluggish handling than my previous Yeti Kokopelli (XC geometry) and have initially (1 month) found myself rolling a little too far outside some corners. But perhaps it is not so much the poorer handling as it is my newfound confidence and stability down the hills that causes higher speeds, and in turn (pun intended), demands more finesse. Not sure yet. Either way, I am happy. The Titus ML is a fantastic bike, and although I am still in the honey moon stage, I think I might just I love her.

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