Titus LocoMoto Mountain Bike Review

5.00 out of 5
WHERE TO BUY    MSRP: $1,700
Weight: 71 grams
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on Oct 21, 2019
on Jun 9, 2016
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June 9, 2016
Model/Year: 2001

Pros: Very capable FS bike; custom-spec'ed and assembled by me. Titus sent me the frame and rear shock; sticker price reflects that.

Extremely nimble, climbs very well, descends like a champ. 26" wheels, as per the times.

Cons: I can't honestly think of a single one. A single drawback is that it can't fit a tire wider than 2.1 in back; not a big deal for me.

Recommendation: If you can find one, consider getting it. They're rare, and even more rare is the XS frame (essentially, a 14" FS frame).