Iron Horse Maverick 4.5 Mountain Bike Review

3.71 out of 5
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Q: What size are the rotors and what kind of disc brakes -Jimmyjack

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May 1, 2014
Model/Year: 2007

Pros: Great starter bike, stock components are entry level but still much higher quality than a big-box store

Cons: Heavy, entry level components

Recommendation: I recommend this bike as a "beater" or DJ bike. It's great for some light trails but not good for climbs. The stock front fork is very heavy and does not have lockout. Downhill can get sketchy due to the weight and front shock.

April 6, 2011
Pros: Great bike to start with. Basic components but they work well. Great for trail riding. It will handle more. It came with SRAM 3.0 shifters and derailleurs.

Cons: The fork is small, only 50 mm travel and very basic but it works well enough.

Recommendation: Great bike to start with and then upgrade as you see fit. Frame is set for rear disk brakes.

July 22, 2010
Pros: All round fun bike. Lots of upgrade potential. A good way to get the foot in the door and work towards building a better bike.

Cons: Front fork isn't as beefy as I'd like, but that's only since I started riding more blue type trails. Grip shift can be annoying as you can pop out of gear on technical stuff if your wrist slips.

Recommendation: For the money this is a great bike. I've been riding it for two years and not had a single problem (hope I don't jinx myself). I've gone from easy trail stuff through to riding some blue trails with my buddies. My little old Iron Horse always comes through. She takes a beating and keeps coming back for more. I would totally recommend this bike to anyone wanting to start riding trails.

November 8, 2009
Pros: Cost, really durable and solid.

Cons: Weight, brakes or lack of and front suspension.

Recommendation: I climb a lot (really climb steep fire roads up to 3000ft from sea level) and the bike is good for my exercising due to all the extra weight on the bike. The stuff I climb is reall steep so the orginal Shimano mechanicals did nto cut it at all (really sucks) so I changed both to AVID BB7 which makes me feel a lot safer up them in the clouds. I also have issues with the front shocks where they are hard to adjust. I figure I can get good climbing training on this bike.

April 13, 2009
Pros: this is a good starter bike for anyone looking to get into mt. biking without spending breaking the bank.

Cons: front shock isn't meant for anything more than light off road riding. although it can handle a good amount of abuse.

Recommendation: This is a tough bike, I had mine fall off the car rack while on the highway and after doubling back and finding it (didn't run over thank goodness) all i found was some scratches and a beat up saddle. still rides fine. i recently upgraded the front fork to a rockshox dart 2 which is a nice addition and gives it more manners on the trails also just added new flat handlebars and stem. good frame to build up with after market upgrades. like i said this is a great starter bike for anyone interested in getting into mt. biking without spending a lot of money.

March 2, 2009
Pros: Good brakes, good frame, nice components

Cons: Weight, front shocks, brake levers.

Recommendation: Performance exclusive. I upgraded the front fork to a Marzocchi 22R amd the brake levers to Shimano Deore. Now this bike rocks! Shifting and rear shock are very nice. Taken this out and beaten it and it was a great ride. The rear shock is pretty good and nicely adjustable. Ripping tires.

The Dart 1 shock is really useless for anything but sidewalks and little bumps. I went down into a little gully, when I got to the bottom, the fork compressed too easily and I started to go over the bars, yikes! But with the $160 fork upgrade and the better levers ($40) this is a great bike for the money, on sale at $499. Still pretty heavy at about 36 lbs. I do recommend.

September 13, 2007
Pros: Good suspension. Good brakes. Nice frame.

Cons: not anything major.

Recommendation: This is a great bike for someone like me just starting out. It feature pretty good components and a very decent frame. Has a solid feel and is very fund to ride. It is a fantastic bike if you find it on sale. I paid $500.00 for mine and to me that was a great deal for what you get. A bit overpriced at $750.00 for what it is. Overall I love it and hope to get many miles of enjoyment out of it.

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