Giant Anthem 27.5 3 Mountain Bike Review

4.00 out of 5
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December 28, 2013
Model/Year: Anthem/2014

Pros: Very quick
Very fast
Solid drivetrain

Cons: Week tires

Recommendation: My brother and I demoed this bike and I was surprised at how fast it is. Also very quick out of the hole. The bike we rode had a Sram 2 x 10 crankset instead of the Shimano setup but we both loved it. Very solid and reliable shifts. The bike felt much lighter than I expected being it was the first 27.5 I have ridden. My bro tends to like a lot of suspension and he complained it didn't have the front travel he likes with his 130mm forks on his Kona Dawg. True I too would prefer more in the front but the 100mm forks probably contribute to the easy feeling this bike gives you in the corners. We both felt that the tires need to be more aggressive for the trails we ride. This bike is definitely on my wishlist. As for my bro, he ordered a Trance 27.5 to get the 140mm fork and 5 1/2" suspension instead of the 4" this bike has. I'll let you know how that rides when he takes delivery in a week.

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