Gary Fisher Fat Possum XO Mountain Bike Review

5.00 out of 5
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April 13, 2007
Pros: The lightweight frame of the FatPossumXO is both stiff and efficient. The deeply sloping top tube provides generous standover clearance, which is important on a bike of this nature. It is one of the lightest 6" travel All-Mountain bikes on the market, due in part to the high-end Bontrager carbon componentry and Maverick DUC32 fork. The pivot bearings are totally rider servicable, and the finish of the frame & welds are beautifully done. Did I say lightweight?

Cons: The Avid Juicy brakes are loud, which is a common complaint. For 2007, Fisher dropped the DUC32 fork, which I think was a huge mistake. The DUC32 is the lightest 6" travel fork on the market, and was a perfect match for the FatPossumXO. The Manitou Nixon is a definite step down from the Maverick fork.

Recommendation: Try to find a '06 FatPossumXO, and you will be rewarded with a better fork, and a better rear shock. This bike was owned by my wife, and it fit her small stature well, which is a hard thing to find with long-travel mountainbikes. If you know a woman that likes to go big and get rough (on the trails!), the FatPossum is a good bet.