Fezzari Abajo Peak Mountain Bike Review

5.00 out of 5
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Fezzari Kings Peak

March 26, 2010
Pros: * Outstanding components for a bike in this price range.
* Extremely versatile.
* I hadn't ridden in a few years, and I was a little shaky at first, but the bike was pretty easy to handle.

Cons: I'm not expert enough to have found anything I didn't like.

Recommendation: It's hard to find anything that was even close to comparable in terms of features for the price. This bike comes with a ton of room for growth in terms of increasing skill.

March 12, 2010
Pros: - Rock solid frame.
- Great components.
- Really versatile when riding on all sorts of terrain (rocky, sandy, slickrock, downhill, climbs)

Cons: It doesn't service and tune on its own. That'd be awesome.

Recommendation: I don't think you can find a better bike for the money if you're an intermediate rider (or maybe even a beginner). It's got everything you'd need and probably some stuff you wouldn't. Unless you're doing crazy downhill bombs, you're gonna be happy with your Abajo.