Ellsworth Epiphany Mountain Bike Review

5.00 out of 5
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By Greg Heil    on Sep 24, 2015

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Ellsworth Epiphany 275 Enduro
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June 3, 2015
Model/Year: 2015 Epiphany c XC

Pros: Awesome looking bike, super light frame and wheels. For a bike with so much travel handles like a true cross country machine, plus you get the extra inches to make it a plush ride.
Ellsworth now offers lifetime warranty, yehaw!!!

Cons: Besides the price I have a hard time not liking anything about the bike

Recommendation: Works perfect for XC. I would not go for it if you want to go the enduro route.
This is written by one of the pros:

Where this bike shines, however, is on tight and twisty trails. Ellsworth designed the Epiphany C XC with a 70-degree head angle, which is downright steep. Threading the needle though tight turns is a downright blast. The bike's tight wheelbase and quick steering make short work of the most evil of switchbacks.

December 11, 2014
Pros: Extremely light and agile for such deep suspension

Cons: Really struggling to find something I dislike about it

Recommendation: I love this bike. Nimble like XC but takes the big drops like a true all mountain. Smooth is an understatement.

December 2, 2011
Pros: Solid feel yet smooth as silk over rough stuff. Accelerates and corners like a Fly, and zero pedal bob. Built with sram xo components and stans wheels it is a featherweight @25lbs and by far the best bike I ever rode coming off a trek fuel and testing many others before getting a sst epiphany, and in my eyes there is no better out there.

Cons: The price is a bit steep. But in this case you do get what you pay for. CLASS!

Recommendation: Unbeatable even at it's high price. Fly's uphill floats down.

November 29, 2010
Pros: Always there when you need it, smooth almost supple bump absorption, light and as fast as anything. The ICT design works so well that it's hard to know whether or not the RP 23 needs to be locked out, have time to myself with and without and don't notice much difference. Made in America, sounds trite but in this economy of ours–this should be important to everyone. Always gets noticed on the trail, and my 2008 is good as new after more thank 6000 miles. Still love getting on this bicycle.

Cons: Hard to quantify without mentioning price, because no one likes to spend a lot of money unless they have to. Had to have this one!

Recommendation: Remarkable product from a remarkable company, that seems to be getting better and better.

October 1, 2009
Pros: smooth & creamy but burly when needed

Cons: cost but i did it anyway

Recommendation: just bought this as a 2010 model. I rode several alternatives in the price range and this was my favorite hands down. Goes down like a true dh bike but goes up easy as well. amazing what this bike will do.