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March 26, 2014
Pros: Heavy duty frame suspension and wheel sets hard to break stuff on it so far. Absolutely fantastic for free riding downhill and jumping but also climbs crazy well for a bike with 170mm front and rear travel I have out climbed someone on a 27.5 trek slash with ease (not to say anything about the other bike) it has very little pedal bob if you put the bike in the short travel and long chainstay position this bike is an enduro machine but switch it back to long travel and it's a major free ride machine. I also don't think you can find a better quality bike for the money (3500.00 US)

Cons: US availability was basically zero and I was missing some parts when the bike showed up and the brakes I think are sub par (avid elixer 5 170mm disc) but to many pros to care to much

Recommendation: I would recommend buying this bike to anyone looking for a do everything bike because you can take it to the bike park and hit the lift and then go to the local dirt jumps pack up and do a huge enduro ride in the alps. I've owned many AM and DH bikes and have almost always had mutiple bikes to ride different stuff but now I have one