Kona Stinky Six Mountain Bike Review

5.00 out of 5
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Q: Is it a downhill bike? -Guest

A: No, more of a Light Freeride/Heavy AM

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November 7, 2010
Pros: Freeride/XC geometry; 7inch rotors; 20mm thru axle; FSA inegrated BB and cranks;Marzocchi front Fox rear with rebound adjust gets rid of "bob"; drivetrain and shifters all the same line, consistent; cool paint job.

Cons: Back hub is eh. Slightly out of round bearings. I would have paid another hundred for sealed bearings on the rear hub. I bent the seat the first week, bike should come with something more like an Azonic Big Drop seat(cheap, comfy, strong); rear rotor had a small warp upon purchase-I'll replace it eventually.

Recommendation: This bike is great for big guys like me 6-4 340, and smaller folk too. Frames come in 15-20 inch sizes. I got the 20 inch. The Kona Stinky Six (2009) has the burly build and ability to hold me up without tweaking the rims. The cross country geometry makes it a good climber for me and the freeride head tube angle and fat pipes give it that big drop ability. I am really stoked on this bike. No hassles with this bike at all and a great,fun ride. Just make sure that the rear end is tuned soft enough so that the forks aren't too mushy and you're good to go. That is, if the rear end is too stiff, the forks get real spongy since all the weight goes forward. But this is great because I can tune the suspension to different terrains or inbetween. The Fox shock in the back is great with its wide-range rebound dampener. The 1.5 inch headset is the cherry on the sundae. The list goes on an on, magnesium rockers, bash gaurd, lock on grips, sealed front hub bearings,hayse hydraulic brakes, six inches full travel front and rear. Great bike. This is one I plan on keeping for many years.

August 1, 2009
Pros: It is an awsome all round bike basicly the same as the stinky but the frame has been adjusted to be able to do xc aswell

Cons: Nothing the bike is awesome once you get used to it

Recommendation: I recommend this bike to anyone that likes downhill freeride and xc