Xpedo Face Off XMX17AC Flat Pedals Review

4.75 out of 5
Weight: 380 grams
By Syd Patricio    on Feb 25, 2010

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Q: Anybody tried these with the Xpedo DAX pins? -Guest

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May 4, 2012
Pros: my shoes were slipping around with my stock pedals. These fixed that. good grip. extra pins and little wrench to change them with comes with them. mine were only 85 from cambriabike

Cons: i purchased replacement pins with teeth on them. they send you 50. you can only use 24. because they do not send you the long ones which hold the pedals together. so I have a mix of standard. but they grip even better now!!! with the teeth pins mixed in.

Recommendation: YES!!! replaced my stock pedals on TREK 4500.

November 29, 2010
Pros: Extremely good looking with great grip. They come in a variety of colors to match your bike.

Cons: None.

Recommendation: I'm very happy with these pedals. They look and perform great. Highly recommended.

April 9, 2010
Pros: Lightweight, very cool looking. come in several colors, comes with extra pins and also offer different shapes of pins. Grips shoes of any kind.

Cons: Pricey...I paid $100 shipped from Jensen. Ouch!
The red color is not exactly a true red. It's really close, but just a slight shade different. Not really a complaint, just an observation.

Recommendation: These pedals are the $hit. I love them. They are very grippy, even on my old, OLD tennis shoes that I use when I know I'm going to get in some slop. I recommend them if you have the cash.

March 1, 2010
Pros: Light weight for platforms. Good grip and many pins to secure your feet.

Cons: open center design allowed some crud which required a bit of service.

Recommendation: Decent pair of pedals which look cool, offer a large platform with 15 pins griping your shoes well. If your in dry areas of the world these will work flawless, but if your into lots of muddy areas your going to service them once or twice.

Xpedo Face Off XMX17AC 4.75 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.