Twenty6 Predator Flat Pedals Review

5.00 out of 5
By Syd Patricio    on Nov 2, 2011

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November 16, 2014

July 8, 2014
Model/Year: 2013 Twenty6 Predator steel axel

Pros: SUPER WIDE, Way gripy, easy to rebuild, tons of custom color combos

Cons: Aluminum pins break really easy, had to replace the bearing in under one season, but that is with riding 4 to 5 days a week, twice a day.

Recommendation: I would recommend replacing the pins with the Ti pins or at least the steel pins, if you want them to last long. And also buy a rebuild kit to have on hand so you'll have no down time, since they will eventually have to be rebuilt.

June 18, 2014
Model/Year: 2013

Pros: Grip.
Decent weight (Ti axle).
Large platform.
Many colors combinations.
Replacement parts are easy to get.

Cons: These things are shin shredders.
A little pricey

Recommendation: Combine the Predators with a good grippy sole like that found on FiveTen's and you have grip for days and days. If you like a big platform, I think you will be hard pressed to find one bigger! The price on these maybe a little on the steep side specially for the Ti axle version, but I truly believe they are worth the price. Word of warning, be prepared for your legs to look like a cat got at them for the first bit until the pins start to wear down. I would even suggest taking a file to the pins to knock the point down a bit. All and all I have not had a single issue with my set, other then losing a couple pins along the way. Not to big of an issue since they come with spare pins and you can always order new pins thru your LBS.

December 16, 2013
Model/Year: 2012

Pros: Lightweight.
Tonnes of grip
Come in a variety of bling
Work great with flat shoes.
Will not rust

Cons: A bit pricy

Recommendation: An excellent pair of pedals with decent axle to platform offset. These pedals come with choices galore be careful though of the stainless steel pins. You NEED leg protection with these as the pins are super sharp.

February 14, 2012
Recommendation: adittion to my earlier review ,these pedals are made in the USA !!!!!!!!

February 14, 2012
Model/Year: 2012 ti

Pros: light
replaceable pins
sealed bearings
looks awsome

Recommendation: these pedals grip your shoes like the talons of an eagle.these are sweet .the pins are easily changed and come in many colors . the best platform pedals out there