Azonic 420 Flat Pedals Review

4.50 out of 5
Weight: 430 grams
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June 26, 2016
Model/Year: 2016

Pros: Grip

Recommendation: Best flats I've owned and I cant see them breaking like my last "black ops" pair because they have a better construction. I like that they're thinner than my last pair so less pedal strikes.

July 15, 2013
Pros: Killer grip and looks

Cons: None

Recommendation: Great pedal. Very little slippage

December 13, 2012
Model/Year: 420 (red)

Pros: -Sturdy construction
-Good looks

Cons: -Narrow platform
-The pins do not provide sufficient traction

Recommendation: Not a fan of the narrow body. My wide size 12 foot hangs off of the pedal body and the pins do not provide sufficient traction.

January 21, 2012
Pros: the grip and the replacable pins and the colors

Cons: none

Recommendation: my knees don't hurt after riding because my feet arent moving around while taking impacts.

December 1, 2010
Pros: -Variation of colors
- Slim profile
- Removable pins
- Sealed bearings
- Lightweight for flats

Cons: My foot has slipped on them a few times.

Recommendation: Very good pedal. But my favorites are NRG

November 29, 2010
Pros: profile, colors, weight, pins, design, grip

Cons: none

Recommendation: These pedals rock. If your looking for a strong, low profile pedal that grips look no further. I actually ride these on my DH bike and sometimes for XC.

June 2, 2010
Pros: - Variation of colors
- Slim profile
- Removable pins
- Sealed bearings
- Lightweight for flats

Cons: none

Recommendation: Have to agree with Luli79 here, these are the best pedals I have ever owned. The only pedals that match these babies are the Azonic A-Frames which these replaced. They have amazing grip, ye4s, a slime profile, and of course the replaceable pins. Love the colors variation as well. I highly recommend these flats all hands down. If you want superior performance, then these are for you.

December 8, 2008
Pros: They have amazing grip, slim profile, and replacable pins. Come in Red, Black, and Gold.

Cons: None, They are sexy!

Recommendation: These are the best pedals I have ever owned. I have ran highend Wellgos, DMR V8s and V12s, 5050XX, and Syncros Mentals; none of these had this kind of grip. Regardless of the shoes you wear these pedals will not fail you. If you wear 5.10s you will be glued to them!