Trek Session 9.9 Mountain Bike Review

4.50 out of 5
WHERE TO BUY    MSRP: $8,930
By Greg Heil    on May 26, 2017

By Aaron Chamberlain    on Feb 27, 2017

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Trek Session 88
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Trek Trek Session 9.9

December 22, 2012
Pros: Weight
Fox shocks

Cons: Price

Recommendation: This is the fastest DH bike on the market. It also weights about 8 pounds less than its competition. i just got to test ride it in the field, but it is a well balanced bike and the geometry felt spot on. If you have the cash and need a DH race bike, here is your bike.

December 20, 2012
Pros: - Super light
- Slack geometry
- Great corner traction
- Pedals well... for a DH bike

Cons: - Thin frame metal that dents easily
- Loud... if you don't do something to reduce chain noise
- Not quite as stable at high speeds as other DH frames
- Navigating at slow speeds

Recommendation: The 88 lives up to the hype. It is truly one of the best DH frames on the market. The stable suspension platform and predictability helps keep the bike nice and low as you float over any terrain.

The weight of the frame and build weight is quite astonishing for an AL frame and can be felt when riding. However, in order to keep it light weight Trek uses thin metals, which sadly dent very easily. Furthermore it also resonates chain noise which makes it a very loud bike if you don't do anything to remedy it (I installed a CSixx chainstay protector and its worked wonders).

More important, it does fall short in terms of stability when things really get fast and rough. This may be another issue that is a result of weight but I only noticed this after riding a Cove Shocker back to back.

The Session 88 is a fantastic bike that is definitely worth looking at if you are in the market.