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The right mountain bike clothing can make the difference between a miserable mountain biking experience and a fantastic mountain bike experience. Comfortable, purpose-made clothing can help any mountain biker excel in his chosen discipline, whether it's cross country, all mountain, enduro, freeride, or downhill.

One of the most important pieces of mountain bike clothing is a pair of purpose-built riding shorts. Riding shorts with a quality chamois (ie pad) help cushion your rear end and take the sting out of long days in the saddle.

Another important piece of clothing is a good pair of quality shoes. Whether you're looking for a pair of clipless cross country shoes or grippy freeride shoes for flat pedals, having the proper foot wear can make a world of difference.

To keep warm in cold conditions, cycling leg warmers, arm warmers, knee warmers, gloves, a hat, a breathable jacket, pants, and shoe covers are crucial.

When shopping for your mountain bike clothing, be sure to also check out mountain biking jerseys, socks, and t-shirts.

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