Truvativ ShiftGuide Team Chain Guide Review

5.00 out of 5
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April 23, 2010
Pros: keeps the chain in place, does what its designed to do

Cons: weight, its a little on the heavy side

Recommendation: ive had this guide for only a few weeks now and i love it, the thing i really like is that when i go to pedal after hitting a rough rocky section is that the chain is still in the gear that i had the bike in before i hit the section, making me feel more confindent to hit the pedals hard and know that im not going to slip. the roller on this guide is nice and smooth and when shifting into the granny gear it hops up on the step up nice and smooth to help keep tension, the only down side to this guide is that its heavy, but i guess thats from the fact that the body is made from cromoly steel which means this guide is really strong and should be able to take some abuse. all in all if your a AM rider and run a dual ring with a bashguard on your rig this is a nice addition to have to help keep your chain on the chain rings, also it just looks cool