Canon S110 Camera Review

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December 21, 2014
Model/Year: S110

Pros: Photo quality

Cons: None

Recommendation: I'm a camera snob. This one is one of the best point and shoot camera you can buy. The picture quality is as close to SLR you can get with a PNS (point and shoot) camera. ,This one does great in low light settings. Most of you probably use your cameras in low light setting more than not and could benefit from this camera. Indoor pics, shooting in bars/clubs/restaurants, etc. The real hook for me on this one is that it shoots in RAW. That is the digital equivalent of a negative. You can take your RAW (as opposed to JPG) images and dump them into Lightroom or Photoshop and adjust everything like Exposure, White Balance, and any color correction and/or manipulation with no degradation to the images. If you're doing the same edits with JPG or other're degrading the quality with every edit. I won't get to nerdy with this, just know it's a really good thing.
Quick review: Best point and shoot camera you can buy. Shoots RAW, great low light. Canon quality. Does 1080p HD video as well. Great overall camera for family use. Will not do action will no other PNS camera. For action, you need an SLR.

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