RAM RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder with 1-Inch Ball Bike Mount Review

5.00 out of 5
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February 7, 2014
Pros: I use this with the required base (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012TWRAO) and sadly required arm (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005KWPJ04) . For my use I really wish you could not use the arm and set the mount directly onto the base, but this does give you more flexibility in angles. I just don't like how this also adds extra height to the final mount.

Anyhow, as for the phone holder itself, it's simply AMAZING. It holds the phone tight while hitting the mountain bike trails and most jumps. I use an old phone though so I'm not horribly worried about accidents or if it were to drop off after major jumps. It's easy in/out and has even managed to survive a few wipeouts.

Cons: My only problem so far is my android phone and current case design means that the upper grips push on the volume up button and power button of my older phone I use for tracking app. This means I have to nudge it lower in the holder which used to mean it would have a tenancy to slip after a few hours or jumps on the trails. The fix was to buy Sugru (http://www.amazon.com/Sugru-Air-curing-Rubber-5g-White/dp/B008MIRQUE) and add custom molded grip to prevent the phone from slipping. Since I applied this to the case of a phone I have dedicated for this purpose I don't mind that it's a bit ugly and no longer slides into my pocket. Just be aware that if your phone has buttons on the sides, especially towards the tops of the sides you may have problem where the grips will press on them and adjusting it too far may compromise the secure grip.

Recommendation: Get it, but be aware you must also get the arm and ball mount for it to work.