Raleigh Eva 8.0 Mountain Bike Review

3.67 out of 5
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April 29, 2015
Model/Year: Eva 4.0/2011

Pros: Great entry level bike! I bought this for my teenage daughter to learn to ride the trails with me. It has served her well.

Cons: Not a bike for the tougher trails, and now that her skills have improved she will need an upgrade.

Recommendation: I would recommend this bike for any young woman wanting to try mountain biking on a budget.

December 10, 2010
Pros: More trail worthy than the lower versions. Upgraded to 9speed and more dependable Shimano disc brakes.

Cons: I would replace the fork with a Tora or a Recon. Something with rebound damping.

Recommendation: Great trail worthy bike.

December 10, 2010
Pros: Great bike for women looking to ride. Decent mix of components that should last long.

Cons: Never a fan of the Tektros.

Recommendation: Great buy. If looking for something more trail capable look at the Eva 8.0

November 30, 2010
Pros: A great entry level womens specific mtb. Nothing spectacular, but a very stable ride. Nice mix of solid components.

Cons: About 60% dirt worthy

Recommendation: Good for intermediate trails and riding to the trail on the roads.