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February 9, 2011
Pros: Capable descender with 140mm travel, but a good light climber as well. SLX/XT drive train and Fox suspension is great for the price.

Cons: 9mm QR fork, would like to see a 20mm TA. 180mm rotor up front would be nice. Stock tires were bike path tires, fine for hardpack but poor for mud/chunk/loose over hard.

Recommendation: I would heartily recommend this bike to anyone, but especially as an "only bike". It's a great XC bike, and would work great for casual races and general trail riding. I've also found it to be stable and quick on the downhills which makes it a good light "all mountain" bike. For heavier riders, I'd recommend grabbing a 180-200mm front rotor. Brakes are plenty strong enough, but need more surface area up front. Also, changing the wheelset to a lighter setup made this thing climb like a ROCKET.

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December 14, 2009
Pros: Pretty light, fits well with an abiltiy to mix cross country efficiency with the ability to absorb rocky downhills. Good performance for the price. Climbs well.

Cons: I changed out the stem for a shorter stem and added riser handlebars. Needs beefier tires unless you ride hard pack. I swapped the tires out for raptors after one ride.

Recommendation: Great bike if you are looking for a cross between all mountain and cross country.

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November 11, 2009
Pros: Reasonably light for the price point yet solid/well-built. Climbs well for an entry level bike.

Cons: Geomerty ill-suited to bike's stated purpose. Lousy fork.

Recommendation: I rented this bike for a week in SW Utah and was largely disappointed. The geometry was more cross-country race oriented, but this is suppoed to be a five inch trailbike. The weight bias was too far forward, which made highly technical downhills less fun and the steering was twitchy. The Rock Shox Tora fork was supposed to be 5 inches, but I don't think I ever got mroe than three out of it. This would be a good bike if you're a cross country rider looking for a bit more cush, but if you're a trail rider who thrives in the rocky, technical stuff, you need to look elsewhere.

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June 26, 2009
Pros: The suspension is a great combo. It is pretty light and handles anything that I throw at it.

Cons: Tires are only good for hard fast pack. Mud or sand require different tires.

Recommendation: Very good choice. Would recommend to anyone.

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March 17, 2009
Pros: Light with great handling. Its descending prowess is excellent. Good mix of components for the money, especially brakes and hubs/wheels.

Cons: The Lefty outclasses the rear suspension in rough terrain. Wire bead tires on a $3000 bike? Com'on!

Recommendation: Overall this is what C'dale says it is, a do it all bike. It is extremely efficient with propedal and decends like it has another inch of travel. Very capable for most riders' demands but efficient enough to race XC. This was a great buy for me!

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July 28, 2008
Pros: Super Fast up and downhill. Great geometry, takes rough terrain really well, extremely solid ride, very light. Rides like a Cadillac on rocks, ruts, etc.

Cons: It comes with the wrong hardware(in my unknowledgable opinion) Shimano top dog carbon derailer, Shimano brakes, lightweigt tires. If this bike came outfitted with the Scalpel hardware, it would be PERFECT!! I am changing stuff out as I go along....

Recommendation: I rode a top dog Ellesworth, same day, same trail when I bought the Rize. No comparison. (To be fair, I have only owned and ridden Cannondale, with the exception of Santa Cruz which I rent out west and thought was a great bike, but the Rize is a whole nother level of bike) If you are a serious rider, or a serious for fun rider like me...this bike kills. Like the new Scalpel, this is an excellent machine, though it costs.....I LOVE it, and I think I ride pretty hard, looking for rough, fast terrain as opposed to forest roads or singletrack.....

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