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Rider questions

Q: How much do these shoes weigh?
A: You know the titanic? These are close in weight. I use them to ride but i also use them to anchor my boat and hold things in place during a tornado. they work great.

Q: Are the soles of these shoes convertible from flat pedals to clipless, or are there different models: one for flats and one for clipless?
A: yes they are and they can also be converted into optimus prime..these are transformer pedals great for long car rides too keeps the kids entertained.

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  • cavedweller

    I bought these online 2 years ago and only use them during winter fat biking season. They are very warm. They run 1 size small, so size up by 1 if you buy. The models I have is already showing signs of wear...the stitching around the edges have taken some wear from the crank and parts are starting to come loose, I used some seam sealer on the seams and it seams to be holding. I was expecting something way more durable for a boot that cost over $300. They are warm and comfortable, hopefully the newer models are a bit more durable.

    Warm..even down to -10 with wool socks.

    COSTLY $300 online. Not very durable.

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  • Helena Kotala

    I love these boots for winter riding. They are extremely warm and are comfy on and off the bike. I've worn them in temps ranging from slightly below zero up to about 50 and they do my feet well through that spectrum of conditions. Even when wearing them in warmer temps they wick sweat well and don't allow my feet to get soggy, and in the single digits they keep my feet warmer than any other shoes I own or have ever tried. They are waterproof and pretty durable as well.



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  • basshunter

    if you are a serious winter rider, these boots are for you! Aside from the price, these boots are about as good as it gets. You have to try them to understand.
    A word of caution- snowboard socks are too thick and don't allow your body heat to warm the boot. insulation works to keep them cold, also. I found that a standard cool weather wool cycling sock works perfectly.

    keeps snow out
    Aerogel insole


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