3-in-one Oil Multi Purpose

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Brand: 3-in-one Oil

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  • Shiftworks

    Never use it on any part, on any bike, ever


    This has no place in the bicycle industry. But you can use it in your grandpas electric train set to create smoke from the engine

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  • ryno131

    This Multi purpose oil works great all over the house. I even use this to lube my pneumatic tools.

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  • Seetheworldthroughme

    I have tried quite a few lubes..white lightening, and WD40. I was out for a ride one day and noticed my chain was really dirty so I went to Home Depot to see what I could get to clean it at a reasonable price. So I bought HDX 40 and 3 in 1 lube. I used the HDX 40 to clean the chain and then 3 to lube it. HDX 40 Cleans as you apply, spray and wipe. A lot of grime comes off the chain when you wipe down the chain with a towel and HDX 40.

    Best lube for a budget!!

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