Look 927 Carbon Mountain Bike Review

5.00 out of 5
By Jim Hodgson    on Sep 23, 2014

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February 23, 2019
Model/Year: Look 927 Carbon - 2016

Pros: My Look 927 has been extremely enjoyable! It is fast, light and responsive. The front frame triangle design is extraordinarily stiff and lightweight with an extreme high head tube and slopping tube plus a beefy down tube. The 927 has been on a fast track in a variety of terrains, cross country and technical. Purely power-driven ride, all the energy put into it is transformed into a forward motion. Incredible acceleration and front end control due to its unique integration system between the stem and top tube. In the rear, the seatstays flex, assuming the function of a pivot point, while a full-carbon rocker turns the RockShox damper on. The optimal handling of this bike will quickly ensure an overall sense of stability and confidence. With all due respect to the reviewer from BikeRadar who gave this bike a poor review with a mediocre 2 1/2 star score, It takes a knowledgeable hand to understand the dynamics of this machine to make it fully work in your favor. This bike is totally focused on performance not to mention its extraordinary and unique appearance. A pure joy to ride.

Cons: Frame requires only the original A-Stem stem therefore not being able to control the hight (no spacers), due to its specific system.

Recommendation: Setting the propper sag and rebound on the suspension, front and rear, is a "MUST". If purchasing new, ask for the shortest A-Stem. Otherwise, you may need to find one and they are not cheap.

January 6, 2019
Model/Year: 927 Carbon

Pros: Once I have everything fine tuned to my body proportions the bike is a delight to ride. Down the steepest rock trails or up, just take your line, the bike will follow. If you are on smooth trails or road, I recommend to lock both front and rear suspension. So far it has been wonderful love affair.

Cons: Look stem that came with bike a bit too long.

Recommendation: Changing to carbon wheels make the bike even more responsive. Take the time and ride the bike frequently under all type of conditions to find the perfect suspension settings.

January 2, 2019
Model/Year: 2016 Look Carbon 927 Med

Pros: I own my Look 927 for a little over 2 years now and I LOVE IT! At the beginning it took a while to get used to it and the way it handled . As other reviews estate, you must have all settings and shocks adjustment done properly and one must ride it until you find the perfect balance and performance. Changing the wheels, tires and handlebar from the ones stocked with the bike made another big improvement. Look carbon bikes are characteristically well made and superb handling machines and the 927 attest to that tradition. This machine can fly up and down with confidence and control. Rarely you see someone else riding a 927 in British Columbia area where I live and enjoy riding this beauty.

Cons: A shorter stem would have been more practical as well as adding more cushion than 120mm

Recommendation: When purchasing, ask to have installed the shortest stem possible. Change stock Contis XKing for more aggressive rubber. Set sag and rebound accordingly to your body weight on suspension.

Look 927 Carbon 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.