Star of South 2017

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Discover the joy of riding in mountains and woods. Discover tracks that have never been seen. Discover charming locations in Southern Poland with their culture and traditions. Discover The Star of South.
Once again we invite you to the South of Poland where on July 13-16th we will be racing on difficult to reach yet attractive areas of Beskid Makowski and Zywiecki. Currently, jointly with local experts we are testing and putting finish touch on new trails. To conquer them, you will need ambition, stamina and never-ending power in your legs.
As we only get off our bikes, we sit at the table with local authorities of Makow Podhalanski, Zawoja and Stryszawa. They will be hosts of The Star of South therefore we cooperate closely in planning the events that will give you a chance to feel even better the climate of this region of Poland and learn a lot about its history.
We are doing this because The Star of South is much more than only racing. What is it? You should discover it in your own unique way. For the next few months we will be revealing more and more details on July MTB competition. Visit our website, follow our Facebook and look around closely. Information on The Star of South may come up everywhere at any time.
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City Zawoja, Poland
Date/Time July 13, 2017 / 10am
Event Type Race
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