Ninja MTB Kids Fundamental Skills - NINJA KIDS! (CI240714K)

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July 14, 2024 at 08:45
Chicago, Illinois
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NINJA KIDS [HALF DAY] Are your kids between the ages of 8-11 and excited about mountain biking? Ninja Kids covers the key skills they need to become a safer and more proficient rider (all while having FUN)! Is your kiddo new to mountain biking?  Or have they been riding for a while but need help making their way down the trail?  Maybe they’re not listening to your riding advice and you need someone else to teach them about staying safe and in control on their bike?  We’re here to help! We recognize that kids learn differently than adults, so we have developed a kid-friendly, fun and engaging curriculum that covers the key foundational skills that every young mountain biker should learn.  Through games, drills and trail riding, your kid will leave with a new level of confidence on their bike and more tools in their riding toolbox. Keep in mind, this is not a group ride or a babysitting session.  Ninja Kids, like all Ninja programs, is focused on skills development. Each skill is taught in a step-by-step manner with each skill building off the one before allowing kids to progress at their own pace with the encouragement of certified Ninja instructors and other young riders.  What better way to inspire young riders than surrounded by a group of their peers! After attending a Ninja Kids clinic, be prepared for your kid to start correcting your form on the bike. “One finger braking, Mom!!  Dad, you’re too far back on your bike!”. They grow up so fast, don’t they? Whether your kids are just getting started with mountain biking, dreaming of leaving their siblings in the dust or gearing up for a race, Ninja Kids is the perfect place to start. Set your kids up for mountain biking success by signing them up for a Ninja Kids program today! 6:1 student to instructor ratio, no more than 12 kids per clinic. No prior mountain biking experience required, but all participants should be comfortable riding a two-wheel bicycle. All bikes must have hand brakes and mountain bike tires. No coaster brake bikes will be allowed (they’re dangerous for mountain biking!). LEARN MORE

INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED SKILLS CLINIC [FULL DAY] Looking to tackle technical terrain?  Ready to add confidence to your riding? Want to exit a corner with speed? The Intermediate / Advances clinic takes a deep dive into high speed cornering techniques including proper bike-body separation, footwork, pressure control, types of corners and tips and tricks for keeping those corner smooth and fast. Your Ninja instructor will walk you through a series of drills and progressions to help you build up proper cornering techniques and set you up with an entirely new understanding of all that’s possible in a corner. In addition, you’ll learn how to ride drops, skills for technical climbing and descending, how to pump for speed and more! From there, take your skills to the trail for a coached ride and opportunity to ride advanced features with tips and feedback from your instructor. Leave this clinic ready to tackle rougher terrain and corners with greater speed and control.  Negotiate bigger trail obstacles and drops with commitment! The Intermediate/Advanced clinic builds upon the fundamentals and gives you a full toolbox of mountain bike skills that you can apply to any terrain, in any location, and in any conditions; be it a gnarly backcountry trail or your local racecourse.  This full-day clinic also looks closely at the key elements to finding your flow and builds upon your existing foundation to improve your trail speed and energy management. You must have a minimum of two years riding experience or have attended a Ninja Fundamentals clinic in the last year to join us for this clinic. LEARN MORE This curriculum is specifically designed for adult learners. We recommend riders age 15-17 attend with a parent or adult (minimum age 15).

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