BetterRide w/Gene Hamilton, 3-Day Trail Domination MTB Skills Course

BetterRide w/Gene Hamilton, 3-Day Trail Domination MTB Skills Course photo
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Date and Start Time
May 17, 2024 at 08:45
Moab, Utah
Event Description

Tired of the Trail Getting the Best of You?

Feel that your Core Skills are Fairly Solid but there are still sections of trail where you aren’t as Smooth, Fast, or Confident as you would like to be?

The Trail Domination Course is the course for you!

Sometimes it isn’t just about how well you can execute a skill but how well you can SUBCONSCIOUSLY apply it based on need and trail conditions.

THIS IS HOW YOU DOMINATE THE TRAIL – being smooth and creating flow using the right amount of the right skill at the right time – even when the trail has no flow.

If you feel reasonably competent at the core skills of mountain biking (descending, climbing, cornering, and getting over obstacles in control and in balance) and would like a review of those skills, Then This On-Trail Application Course Is For You!

Don’t worry if you don’t feel as competent as you would like. It took EWS stars Mitch Ropelato and Cody Kelly four of Gene’s core skills courses (and a lot of practice in between those courses) to truly master the mechanics.

Gene wants to teach you “situational competency” and the “situational awareness” to read the trail and pick the best lines for your goals.

This is an intense learning experience. Gene spent 25 years developing his course and knows how to get you riding at your best.

About Gene Hamilton: 

Gene's passion is coaching, and he wants to help you. Before starting BetterRide in 1999 he had ten years of experience coaching snowboarding, giving him over 30 years of coaching experience. Over those thirty years, Gene has mastered his coaching technique by keeping a beginner's mind and constantly improving both his coaching and his curriculum.

He spends his time studying how people learn physical skills, taking coaches courses, and working with the best riders in the world including World Champions Greg Minnaar, Sue Haywood, and Ross Schnell. 

His critical eye can quickly spot what you are doing right and wrong and he knows how to get you to master the correct techniques.


Gene is a pretty good rider too, he has earned a silver (2002) and two bronze medals (1999, 2006) at the UCI World Masters Championships. In 2019 he became the US National Champion.

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