BetterRide w/Gene Hamilton, 3-Day e-bike MTB Skills Course

BetterRide w/Gene Hamilton, 3-Day e-bike MTB Skills Course photo
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Date and Start Time
May 26, 2024 at 08:45
Fruita, Colorado
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The increased weight and added power of an e-bike make them a different beast than an analog MTB. Some skills on an e-bike, such as cornering, are nearly the same as on a normal MTB. 

Other skills, especially climbing, require a few tweaks to do them in balance and in control on an e-Bike.

In a BetterRide E-bike MTB Skills Course you will be taught the core skills as well as drills that you can take home to help you master the skills and get you riding to your full potential:

The Core Fundamental Skills of E-MTB Riding and Racing are NOT INTUITIVE.

Gene’s E-bike MTB Skills Course will help you with both the MENTAL and PHYSICAL sides of mountain biking.

The goal is to help you reach your potential by teaching you the core skills of mountain biking along with the drills to master them.

FAQ: What is the difference between your “e-Bike friendly” courses and the “e-Bike specific course?

– A few skills are slightly different on a regular bike and e-bike. I bring those up in both courses. The biggest difference is the descending practice time! On e-Bikes, we can climb faster, giving us 30-50% more descending practice time! This is quite beneficial, especially when working on cornering.

You Can Learn The Skills And Drills To Master Those Skills By Spending 3 Days In Gene’s Proven And Structured Skills Course.

Read Google reviews of Gene's courses HERE.

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