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added on October 1, 2019 by bluedogcycles Granny Gear
The race will start and finish at Sidie Hollow County Park. We begin the festivities with a kids' race that goes around the Lake Loop. There is a short course and a long course - with the long passing the 20 mile mark and landing at (pert near) 23 or so miles. Following the race we will be celebrating our feats with beer and food. We encourage folks to make a weekend out of it and utilize one of the 3 beautiful campgrounds that Sidie Hollow Park has to offer. All levels of riders are welcome, there is fun for everyone!
Rider Questions


Q: What is the start time for the 20 mile race and are there multiple classes or categories? -Guest

A: 11am - Short & Long Course Begin ?

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Event info
Location Sidie Hollow
City Viroqua
Date/Time October 19, 2019 / 9am
Event Type Race
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