IRONBULL Red Granite Grinder

Event Description
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Riders get a chance to explore the grit in the western portion of Marathon County on several gems that can only be accessed through this race. Riders will fully experience Central Wisconsin by riding through areas not usually open to bikes in addition to passing ginseng fields, dairy farm pastures, barns, and farm fields in each the 50, 85 and 140 races. If you'd like to be a part of the event but don't want to spend hours on your bike, consider the 12 mile recreational ride, or volunteer!

Riders will be tested through a variety of hills, with the top male and female climbers being crowned "King / Queen of the Hill" before descending trails at Rib Mountain State Park for this one and only day!

We also offer a family friendly, timed, non-competitive ride in downtown Wausau for those wanting to participate in this event. This 12 mile route starts with a hill then is flat, totaling less than 400 feet of climbing for the entire route. All participants under age 18 are free and those racing in the longer events may also participate for free with their families and friends (if they are able to finish in time for the 12 mile start!)

50, 85, or 140 mile routes or 12 mile recreational ride
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City Wausau
Date/Time October 17, 2020 / 7 am
Event Type Race
Club Central Wisconsin Off-road Cycling Coalition (CWOCC)
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