Sun Top 30/60 Endurance Mountain Bike Event

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added on February 7, 2017 by NWEpic Granny Gear
Beginning at the Buck Creek Campground, riders will do a short start loop then head out toward the Skookum Flats Trail. Skookum is notoriously challenging and technical. It's a very slow descent but you wouldn't know it with all the work you'll be doing. There's a couple of walk-a-bike sections and not much room to pass. This is also a popular hiker trail so please be courteous to other trail users. From Skookum it's up to the Big Sun Top. This is the longest climb on the day, using a mixture of USFS gravel roads. You'll crawl your way up to the tippy top of Green Mountain. Big Sun Top is home to a historic (and one of only a few still remaining) Fire Lookouts. The views up here are stunning.
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Event info
Location Sun Top
City Buck Creek Campground NF-7184, Carbonado
Date/Time July 15, 2017 / 8:00am
Event Type Race
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