Fluidride Air 201: Intro to Gap Jumps

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Air Time 201 is for riders who are comfortable and stable on basic jumps and drops and looking to progress into jumping gaps. We'll work on runs like Voodoo Child and Gravy Train, and a few jumps on Semper Dirticus. The class will also cover advanced dropping techniques such as squashing drops. Additionally, we'll work on featuring into a landing. Being able to boost off natural terrain such as rocks and roots and land backside on other natural terrain will add dynamic flair and flow to your trail riding!

Prerequisite: Ability to jump table top jumps consistently. A willingness and desire to try jumping small doubles - AKA - Gap Jumps.

Class will be held at Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, Issaquah, WA.
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Location Duthie Hill
City Issaquah
Date/Time October 12, 2019 / 1 PM
Event Type Clinic
Website fluidride.com
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