Ninja Mountain Bike Performance | Mini Jumping Clinic

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added on November 9, 2017 by TeriNinja Doubletrack
Learn the fundamentals of jumping your mountain bike in a safe setting under the supervision of certified coaches. 

Class is limited to 10 riders and will take you through a series of progressions that will have you flying high in just a couple hours. 

We'll start with basic wheel lifts, flat hops, bunny hops, tail whips and work our way up to weighting and un-weighting over a jump, practice on small gap jumps, jumps in succession and landing on descents, flat and more. (All training is done in a controlled grass area on manufactured ramps) 

Goal: To have you successfully clear a 4-5 foot gap jump (approximately 2 feet in the air) and land safely and predictably.
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Ninja Mountain Bike Performance | Fundamental Clinic
Ninja Mountain Bike Performance | Women's Only Fundamental Clinic
Event info
Location Knob Hills Grapevine Lake
City dallas
Date/Time March 3, 2018 / 2:00pm
Event Type Clinic
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