Hard XC at Trials Training Center

Event Description
added on January 25, 2018 by Aaron Chamberlain Singletrack
3rd Coast Productions brings you something new to endurance racing. Hard XC is an endurance event that will challenge your mind, body, and soul to push further and deeper than you ever have before. For those that accept the challenge your venue will be nestled in the valley of Sequatchie Tennessee home to the Trials Training Center (TTC). TTC offers many miles of trails, but these are not trails designed by IMBA!!! These trails are home to events like the Tennessee Knockout Enduro, Pro GRT Downhill race, and our very own Bone Breaker Enduro. The XC course will include some of the more tame sections the DH or Enduro events, but it will be challenging nonetheless. Each lap will be just over 5 miles and offer 1400 feet of climbing and 1400 of descent.
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City Sequatchie
Date/Time March 17, 2018 / 7am
Event Type Race
Website 3rdcoastproductions.com
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