Glacierbike Downhill 2020

Event Description
added on January 16, 2020 by Saas-Fee Granny Gear
From the glacier down to the village on two wheels.

This incredible event really gets the adrenaline pumping - for the spectators as well as the competitors! Bike races on earth or tarmac can be fast enough, but here the daredevil cyclists are racing downhill at breakneck speeds on ice and snow! And they have to master a height difference of 1,700 m, starting from an elevation of 3,500 m.

The bikers start at Mittelallain on 3,500 m. The starting process from the last year will be maintained. They will start in different blocks. The starting block allocation is made based on the ranking point of the prevoius years.
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City Saas-Fee
Date/Time March 14, 2020 / 6 am
Event Type Race
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