Mountain Fest 2017

Event Description
added on June 15, 2017 by mpgagnonski Granny Gear
Sponsored by: Marin Bikes

Saturday Afternoon will feature a fun 3 stage enduro race, on intermediate terrain.

This will be an excellent opportunity to try out the event that everyone is talking about.

This is our third year running this event, and it is a highlight of the weekend.
Come to Mountain Fest 2017

Mountain Fest has become one of the premiere East Coast mountain bike events. Run by the not-for-profit Velo MSM trail crew, with assistance from Mont Ste Marie management, this fundraiser has enabled the trail organization to continue the expansion and maintenance of the trail system.

This season the volunteers hope to facilitate the creation of 3 new trails, with the goal of having all of them ride-able by Mountain Fest. The unique blend of events, for riders and non-riders has created an awesome experience for the whole family.
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Mountain Fest V
Event info
Location Mont Ste-Marie/Velo MSM
City Lac Ste-Marie
Date/Time July 21, 2017 / 4:00 PM
Event Type Festival
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