2019 Pisgah 36

Event Description
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The Pisgah 36 is a single-sport Adventure Race. The race starts at midnight Fri/Sat and runs until noon Sunday. There will be six separate stages, each starting and finishing at Lower Cove Creek Campground - Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina. Each stage will have it's own unique format and will each take 4-6 hours to complete. There will be nothing at the checkpoints other than pre-existing landmarks. Every team must carry a reliable digital camera to photograph the landmarks as proof of being there. More information can be found at www.pisgahproductions.com

There will be no amenities provided other than water from a well and compost toilets at the start/finish. Bring everything you may need, (shelter, food, water, firewood, beverages, etc.)

Event details and schedule



Schedule of Events:

Campground open: Friday 2PM

Registration and sign-in open: Friday 5-11:30PM

Racer meeting: Friday 11:45PM

Race start: Saturday 12:00AM

Race cutoff: Sunday 12:00PM

Campground closed: Monday 2PM


Required Gear:

1. Compass or GPS

2. Pisgah map

3. Knife

4. Lighter

5. Emergency blanket

6. Front light ( helmet or handlebar )

7. Rear light

8. first aid kit

9. water filter or iodine

10. RELIABLE digital camera (You will prove you were at the Check Point’s (CP) by taking photos. No photo proof, no CP)

11. winter tights

12. mid/heavy fleece upper

13. rain jacket

14. helmet

15. 50* or colder rated sleeping bag

Rider Questions
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Event info
City Pisgah Forest
Date/Time March 2, 2019 / 05:00:00
Event Type Race
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