Ninja Mountain Bike Performance | Women's Only Fundamentals Clinic

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added on January 10, 2019 by Ninja_MTB Doubletrack
Looking to improve your confidence on the bike and take your riding to the next level? Our women's only mountain bike skills clinics teach you the same important lessons as our co-ed skill clinics in a supportive, un-intimidating manner.

Are you ready to test your limits without any unnecessary pressure? Do you find yourself riding the same trail in the same old way?  Are you looking for a refresher of the fundamentals? Or perhaps you're new to mountain biking and looking for a boost in your riding confidence? Come join us and learn with the encouragement of your peers!

Find out how to control your fear and stay relaxed; to walk the line between fight and flight. Learn the correct body position on the bike, float over roots and rocks like they aren't there, nail that pesky switchback and ASK QUESTIONS!

Our Women's only mountain bike skills clinic will put an entirely new spin on your riding!  Take the next step and sign up for an upcoming Ninja clinic.

Join us to #ridelikeaninja (with a hefty dose of #ladyshred)!
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City Boston
Date/Time May 18, 2019 / 8:45am
Event Type Clinic
Club Greater Boston NEMBA
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