Women's Intermediate/Advanced MTB Skills Clinic @ Mulberry Gap

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Weekend Women's Intermediate/Advanced MTB Skills Clinic with Instructor Shanna Powell!

This clinic is ideal for women who mountain bike regularly (10-15 miles 2-3x/week) and want to hone their skill set. Emphasis is on proper body position to suit the terrain, techniques to make single track riding safer, more fun, more efficient and increase confidence. This clinic will go over the fundamentals and specific maneuvers like wheel lifts, cornering, and switchbacks. While the skill portion is more suited for all, the on trail riding portion requires fitness enough to ride in the mountains. If you have decent bike fitness, want to dial in and learn new skills and enjoy the company of other women who ride, this is a great opportunity for you. Shanna has lots of experience teaching other women (as well as men) and continually seeks to improve her skills as a rider and instructor so you can learn better. She is also an amazing rider herself but has a relaxed, laid-back approach to shredding and teaching.

In summary, you should have a strong baseline fitness, willingness to learn and experiment all while having lots and lots of FUN!
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Location Pinhoti
City Ellijay
Date/Time October 2, 2020 / 3:30 Friday - 4:30 Sunday
Event Type Clinic
Website mulberrygap.com
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