Blankets Creek 3 and 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Event Description
added on January 25, 2020 by littlegoat Gramcounter
The race course will be approximately 7.5 miles and include the VMT "Race Loop" (no Kevorkian or 420 climb) Counter Clockwise. Then the course will run Dwelling Counter Clockwise up to the Rock and Roll Flow Trail, descend Rock and Roll, then climb back out on Chutes and Ladders to complete the Dwelling lap. None of the South Loop will be used in the 2020 event. We hope this lap configuration maximizes the fun factor on each lap with long flowing descents, but also has some good climbs to spread the field out. We are offering solo, two, and three person team categories in the 6 Hour event, and a shorter 3 hour race with solo categories.
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Event info
Location Blankets Creek
City Canton
Date/Time October 3, 2020 / 10 am
Event Type Race
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