Advanced Mountain Bike 3-day Skills Clinic w/Lon Cullen @ Mulberry Gap

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There are several reasons why this is considered an advanced camp.

1. The skills and maneuvers taught in Ground Control 1 and 2 must be consolidated well enough to use them in control on remote trails while riding
at a strong intermediate pace all day.

2. These skills and maneuvers must be consolidated in order to be prepared to learn jumping and the advanced drop.

3. All who participate must be able to maintain their own equipment, changing their own flats, carrying their own tools, lunch, water, etc.

4. There will be a substantial amount of climbing and mileage each day (even with shuttles). All the participants need to be riding regularly, and not doing this camp "off the couch," so that the group is not having to wait on anyone for a long time.

If you have any questions, please contact Lon at
This is a three-day camp for those who have completed Ground Control 1 & 2 Camps or the equivalent.

There will be a lot more riding in this camp than what is done in the Ground Control 1 & 2 camps. A focus of this camp will also be on riding trails that are more secret.

The schedule will be similar to this:


3:00pm - 5:30pm: Check-In
6:00pm: Dinner
7:00pm: Meet & Greet

8:30am: Breakfast
9:30am: Basic jumping clinic on Mulberry Gap's awesome jump line trail.
11:00am: Pick up sack lunch and shuttle to "Mountaintown Creek" and experience a remote side of mountain biking, knee-deep in stoke through several creek crossings while taking in the scenery on a trail that reminds some of the classic McKenzie River Trail in Oregon.
6:00pm: Dinner - followed by a camp fire and/or a clinic on advanced suspension set-up.
Estimated mileage and elevation: Shuttle to Mountaintown, descend Mountaintown and then ride Pinhoti 1 and Pinhoti 2 (skipping the hike-a-bike to Bear Creek). 19.3 miles, 1,800' of climbing, and 3,500' of descending.

8:30am: Breakfast
9:30am: Advanced drops clinic, possibly utilizing Mulberry Gap's new trail gap feature.
Grab sack lunches and shuttle to Bear Creek, where we will focus on the advanced bonus lines on Bear Creek, Pinhoti 1, and Pinhoti 2.
Group photo and goodbyes.
Mountaintown Creek is one of the most pristine, scenic, and remote backcountry rides around. It contains 5.7 miles of pure downhill bliss through some of the most beautiful singletrack around. It is rife with creek crossings, thick rhododendron, and new growth hemlocks, waterfalls, and of course, adrenaline pumping singletrack.

Bear Creek, P1 & P2 offers gorgeous views, punchy climbs, amazing downhills, creek crossings, and sections with rooty and rocky descents. You'll end your weekend with 14.5 miles and 1,700 feet of climbing.
Clinic ONLY Rate:

Includes clinic, 2 lunches, shuttles, taxes and fees.

Regular Pricing: $295 / per person
Clinic, Lodging & Meal Rates:

Cabin or Campsite Lodging, 6 meals, shuttles, taxes, and fees.

Private Cabin - fees vary based on cabin or campsite of choice (average $580)
Shared Bunk Cabin - fees vary based on cabin choice (average $535)
Camping - fees vary based on campsite choice (average $415)
Can't commit to the whole weekend? Consider a private session before or after these clinic dates! Lon's weekend/holiday rates apply. Click here to learn more! You can also email Lon at for more information.
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Location Pinhoti
City Ellijay
Date/Time September 18, 2020 /
Event Type Clinic
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