OC MTB Limestone XC Race

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Come join us for a thrilling mountain bike race on a scenic and fun course. The 1 lap course is 12.3 miles for High School, Beginner, and Sportsman classes and the two lap course is 24.6 miles for Experts. It is a mix of single track and fire-road. It is a fast and smooth course with a few technical sections. Fast lap times are around 50 minutes and there is approximately 2430 feet of ascending and descending per lap. Cash Purse for Expert entries and 1st in age group winners will receive an OC MTB cycling jersey! We take pride in giving you the best bang for your buck. Post-race refreshments, overall and age group awards, and a raffle!

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Location Limestone Canyon
City Silverado
Date/Time September 16, 2017 / 8am
Event Type Race
Website ocmtb.com
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