Ninja Mountain Bike Performance I Women's Only Fundamental Skills

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added on October 3, 2017 by TeriNinja Singletrack
Have you reached a level in your mountain biking where you're riding the same old trails in the same old way? Or, perhaps you're new to mountain biking and just need a boost in your confidence and basic skills? We hope you'll join us there to learn in an nonjudgmental setting with an encouraging group of your peers.

This women's only mountain bike skills clinic teaches you the skills you need in a supportive, un-intimidating manner. These clinics prove to be advantageous as they allow participants to test their limits without any unnecessary pressure. Our Women's only mountain bike skills clinic will help you improve every aspect of your trail riding. Take the next step and register for this clinic right now. Find out how to control your fear and stay relaxed; to walk the line between fight and flight. Learn to float over roots and rocks like they aren't there, attack corner after corner without dabbing the brakes and find your flow.
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City San Diego
Date/Time December 2, 2017 / 8:45am
Event Type Clinic
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