Ninja Mountain Bike Performance | 2-Day Adventure Camp

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added on March 31, 2020 by Gnarly
Our 2-day Camp gives you a chance to build up and clean up your 'toolbox' of mountain bike skills. This comprehensive program puts the entire Ninja curriculum together into one epic weekend. The camp kicks off with an overview of the foundational riding skills and builds up to more advanced material over the course of the weekend including jumping, high speed cornering, technical climbing/descending, drops and more. The weekend is taught in a progressive format meaning each skill builds on another, giving you an opportunity to progress at your own pace.

You'll leave the 2-Day Camp with the confidence to tackle rougher terrain, corner with greater speed and control, and negotiate trail obstacles and drops with commitment. We'll give you the tools to find your flow on singletrack, switchbacks, and berms; all with less pedaling, more efficiency and better use of the trail's natural features.

*Please note, this curriculum is specifically designed for adult learners. We recommend riders age 15-17 attend with a parent or adult (minimum age 15). A minimum of two years riding experience is recommended to join us for this multi-day event.

Join us to #ridelikeaninja!
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City Skyforest
Date/Time September 26, 2020 / 11:00am
Event Type Clinic
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