A Singletrack Mind-Tamarancho Flow/Wheel Lifts in Technical Terrain

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In this 1-day comprehensive mountain bike clinic you will gain the skills and confidence to ride trails that may have troubled you in the past. Creating that flow state on the bike and trail, and mastering the wheel lift to optimally maneuver in technical terrain. Learning how to weight and un-weight your bike will make you faster in uneven terrain.

• Plan on looking for reasons to lift the front or rear wheel, where to use it on trail and how it can make you faster, smoother and more confident. With that new speed and confidence you will gain from advancing your wheel lifts technique, your cornering skills will be that much more important.

Emphasis on the progression in technique with more advanced maneuvers of the skills learned from Core Fundamentals. We will be discussing scouting the line, vision and ways to stay committed to the bike and trail in challenging terrain.

• In addition to the technical skills we will also spend time creating that Flow State on the bike while riding the flow trails of Tamarancho.

•A great progression clinic from a previous fundamental session
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City Marin
Date/Time March 8, 2020 / 9am-4pm
Event Type Clinic
Website asingletrackmind.com
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