A Singletrack Mind-Santa Cruz Core fundamentals MTB skills clinic(1 or 2 day option)

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added on March 13, 2017 by amyASM Gnarly
Saturday Clinic, Sunday Clinic and Ride-9am-4pm plus
(can register for just our 1 day-Sat. or both Sat. and Sun. for more advanced skills)

Core MTB Fundamentals -2 day weekend-14 hrs, set curriculum to master and improve your bike skills. Learn solid foundation skills. ex: cornering, braking, slow speed, balance, body position, wheel lifts, variance of the skills, switch backs, basic drops, vision, and more. Our Core fundamental clinics are for all abilities. Suited for those that are eager to refine the skill set they presently have- to the competitive, even professional athlete eager to get to the top of their game. We help you build, refine and expand your present riding skill set.The clinic is progression based skill building. Meaning, that there are progressions for each skill. So that each level of rider can progress and challenge within their own ability.
In our 2 day core fundamentals skills clinic we go in depth with a breakdown and application of core skills needed to mountain bike better. Cornering, braking, wheel lifts, vision and more...
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City Santa Cruz
Date/Time May 13, 2017 / 9am-4pm
Event Type Clinic
Website asingletrackmind.com
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