A Singletrack Mind- Summer Mtb Race Prep

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In this 1-day race prep clinic you will learn the skills to conquer the trail you will be riding for your upcoming event, and mental and competitive strategies to do your best.

In this mtb race preparation clinic we will cover the Core Fundamental skills and apply it to a race environment (high and slow speed cornering, braking, line selection, wheel lifts, vision, mental strategies, pre-ride strategies, and more). If it is Enduro racing where there is a number of timed downhill sections of trail, and a number of uphill transfer stages, or if it is Downhill for the adrenaline experience, or if it is cross country for the endurance. This clinic will get you set up with the many skills to confidentially ride in such events and prepare you for the technicalities involved.

* If racing isn't your thing, it is also a great clinic if you want to refine your skill set to charge the trails and keep up the endurance!
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City Truckee/Tahoe
Date/Time June 9, 2018 / 9am-4pm
Event Type Clinic
Website asingletrackmind.com
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